For High Gloss Epoxy Flooring we use Hychem Epoxy glaze 3. It is a Clear, non yellowing, Glass finish with a UV Stable Sealer For Decorative Floors. It is primarily designed for indoor use and recommended for sealing floors in retail outlets and an alternative option to carpet, timber or vinyl in commercial projects.

It can be used on its own as a high build clear sealer but is most often used in conjunction with other decorative effects to produce a range of alternative resin flooring systems. It is particularly suited as a base for vinyl chip floors where a VOC free product is demanded.



  • Extremely low VOC emission — complies with stringent ‘Green Star’ requirements
  • Mirror Finish Gloss — aesthetically appealing; accentuates the decorative base finish
  • Chemically Resistant to petroleum, oils, mineral acids, alkalis and commercial cleaning agents
  • Non-Flammable
  • Abrasion Resistant & Durable 
  • Coloured version available



Epoxy Glaze 3 is typically used with other base flooring systems to produce a seamless decorative floor with the following effect:

  • Polished Concrete Finish
  • PVC Flake Floors
  • Metallic & Marble Finish Floors
  • Decorative Self-Levelling Floors
  • Coloured Quartz Aggregate Toppings