"Why live with ugly concrete surfaces?"


We use Advanx Polyflek Seamless Flooring which is a low maintenance polyurethane flooring consisting of epoxy resin base coat inlayed with multi coloured vinyl chips and overcoated with a series of polyurethane top coats.

Decorative Flake Flooring comes in either smooth or non-slip finish and can be applied to many surfaces including: concrete, steel or fibre cement sheeting, compressed fibro or villaboard. 

There is a large range of colours to choose from and requires very little cleaning, ensuring low maintenance costs! It requires no waxing or polishing, just a light sweep or mop will keep it clean! If you require the flooring for a business with high traffic you can choose to apply extra coats of polyurethane to ensure an extended life of the flooring.

Polyflek is made in Australia and has an excellent resistance against most solvent and oil based stains. One of the most durable surfaces it is also resistant to cracking, scratching and scuffing!

For Industrial Kitchen areas we recommend curving the floor coating up the walls to eliminate joints between walls and floors. Effectively there will be no seams, crevices or cracks to harbor dirt and with its easy cleaning properties Polyflek provides the most hygienic floor available!

This surface is not just for floors,pretty much anywhere you want a long life easy cleaning surface we can apply it to. Examples include: benchtops, counters and walls suitable for both residnential homes and commercial applications!